Splish Splash!

Sporadic showers had been forecast for the weekend, but no one was expecting the downpour that hit on Saturday morning. The sky was dark and dreary, and the wind was howling through the trees. Leaves and branches were flying everywhere, and the rain was coming down in sheets. Some people decided to brave the weather and go out anyway, but most people stayed indoors.

The rain continued throughout the day, and by evening the streets were flooded. Cars were driving through puddles that were a foot deep, and pedestrians were wading through water that was up to their knees. The weather forecast had said that the rain would ease up overnight, but it showed no signs of letting up.

On Sunday morning, the rain finally stopped. The sun came out and started to dry up the flooded streets. People emerged from their homes, and the city began to return to normal. But the damage had been done: trees were down, power lines were down, and buildings were damaged. It would take weeks for the city to recover from the storm.

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