Twiglet #323-Happy Nod

The happiest town in the world

Happy Nod was a small town that was always happy. Everyone knew each other and there was always a smile on everyone’s face. Even when something bad happened, the town always came together to support each other.

One of the happiest times in Happy Nod was when the annual carnival came to town. Everyone would come out to enjoy the rides, games, and food. It was a time for the whole town to come together and have some fun.

This year, the carnival was extra special because it was the 100th anniversary of the carnival. Everyone was excited and the whole town was decorated for the occasion.

On the day of the carnival, the sun was shining and the whole town was filled with laughter and excitement. The carnival was a huge success and everyone had a great time.

It was a day that the whole town would remember for years to come.

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