Dracula’s Day from Hell

Dracula was having a bad day. He had woken up late, missed his breakfast, and was desperately craving some fresh blood. To top it all off, his castle was being renovated, and he had to sleep in a small coffin in the basement with the construction noises constantly looming over him.

As the sun began to set, Dracula decided to venture out into the dark, misty night to find some prey. However, the only humans he could spot was a group of teenagers who were armed with flashlights and garlic cloves. Dracula knew that he was no match for them and quickly retreated back to his coffin.

Feeling disappointed, Dracula decided to try to sleep through the rest of the night. However, he was kept awake by the loud banging and drilling noises coming from the nearby construction site. As the night wore on, Dracula became increasingly desperate for some peace and quiet.

Just as he was about to lose his cool, a stray bat flew into his coffin. Dracula was irritated, but then he had an idea. He quickly transformed the bat into a well-behaved, good-mannered butler. The butler fetched him some fresh blood and ensured that the construction workers were silenced, allowing Dracula to finally get some much-needed rest.

The next morning, Dracula woke up feeling much better. He thanked his new butler and decided that perhaps today wouldn’t be such a bad day after all.

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