TTC-Coverage Expense Jewels

The Jewels of the Night

Jewels of the night, shining bright,
sweetly calling out my name,
tempting me to hold them tight,
with their coverage known to fame.

But the expense of such a prize,
an unsurmountable feat,
too expensive for my eyes,
a dream too big to meet.

Their radiance could light up the skies,
sparkling like a thousand stars,
but the weight of the price it belies,
too much for me to go that far.

Oh, my heart longs to possess,
the beauty that the jeweled displays,
but the cost brings me distress,
as I ponder long and pray.

So, I’ll keep them in my dreams,
gaze upon them from afar,
with the hope that one day it seems,
I will afford them without the scar.

Jewels of beauty and expense,
coveted by many, few can afford,
may their radiance never dim or fence,
as we ponder them and still long for more.

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