One Way Trip to Hell

Caroline had always been a sceptic when it came to religion. She didn’t believe in Heaven or Hell, and she certainly didn’t believe in God.

But when she found herself on a one-way trip to Hell, she realised that she may have been wrong about all of it.

The first thing she noticed was the heat. It was like nothing she’d ever experienced before, and it was only getting hotter the deeper she went.

She could see creatures all around her, some of them chained up and others roaming freely. They all looked tortured and terrified, and Caroline had to wonder what she had done to deserve this.

As she continued to descend into the depths of Hell, she started to see more and more familiar faces. People she had known in life who had also ended up in this place.

And then she saw the Devil himself. He was seated on a throne of skulls, and he was grinning at her in a way that was both welcome and unnerving.

“Welcome to Hell, Caroline,” he said. “You’ll be spending eternity here with the rest of us.”

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