A Mother’s Love

Sarah woke up early on Mother’s Day to a delicious breakfast in bed, prepared by her two children. They had woken up early to make her favorite dishes including scrambled eggs, pancakes, and fresh orange juice. After breakfast, her kids handed her a gift box wrapped with a bow. Inside was a beautiful necklace with a locket that had their pictures inside. Sarah was touched by the gift and hugged her kids tightly.

As the day went on, they visited Sarah’s mother who lived in another city. Sarah and her kids brought her flowers and a card that they had made together. They also took her out for lunch and spent the afternoon catching up on old times.

As they were driving back home, Sarah’s kids began asking her about their father who had passed away a few years ago. Sarah took a deep breath and shared stories about the wonderful man he was. They drove to the cemetery and placed flowers on his grave, thanking him for the love he had shown them and the memories they still cherish to this day.

The rest of the day was spent baking cookies and watching movies while snuggled up on the couch. Sarah felt grateful for the love of her children and the memories they had made on this special day. She felt proud of how they had remembered and honored their father’s memory too. She knew that their love and affection would keep her going through the tough times and that she would always be grateful to be their mom.

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