TTC-Sedate Majestic Royalty

Sedate Royalty

Majestic crown atop their head, Stately presence and poise they shed. In regal robes, they stand sedate, A true representation of their fate.

Royalty flows within their veins, A legacy to uphold and maintain. A life so grand, a throne to sit, Their subjects behold them with utmost wit.

Oh, the wonders of their grace, A sight to behold, a regal face. In every move, a certain charm, Their legacy etched forever in calm.

Sedate, they abide by the rules, Their royal stature, the envy of fools. Majestic indeed, they stand tall, A true epitome of royalty’s call.

The Daily Spur-Integrity

The Importance of Integrity

Jim was known by everyone in his town as a man of integrity. He was always honest and stood by his word. His reputation was built on his unwavering commitment to doing what was right, no matter the cost.

One day, Jim was offered a job as a sales representative for a well-known company. The job paid a lot of money and came with many perks, but the catch was that he would have to lie to customers about the quality of the products.

Jim was faced with a tough decision. He could take the job and enjoy the financial benefits, or he could turn it down and keep his integrity intact.

After careful consideration, Jim decided that he couldn’t live with himself if he compromised his values. He turned down the job offer and continued working at his current job, even though it paid less.

Jim’s decision may have appeared to be detrimental for him in the short term, but he knew that his integrity was worth more than any job or amount of money.

A few weeks later, Jim was notified that the company he had turned down was being investigated for fraud. If he’d taken the job, he would have been implicated as a participant in their illegal activities.

In the end, Jim’s integrity saved him from a world of trouble and showed everyone in town that doing what’s right when no one is watching can have a positive and lasting impact on one’s life.

The Power of Bonding

As a working mom, my daily schedule is always packed with meetings, deadlines, and household chores. I barely have time for myself, let alone my family. However, I realized that I was missing something crucial in my life – bonding time with my children.

One afternoon, while I was on a conference call, my 5-year-old daughter began tugging at my sleeve, asking me to play with her. Annoyed at the interruption, I shooed her away and continued with my call.

But the guilt soon kicked in. I realized that I had been neglecting my children’s emotional needs. So, I made a conscious effort to create a bonding routine with them.

Every day, after I finish work, I take my kids to the park. We play soccer, have a picnic, and have fun on the swings. During this time, I make sure I am fully present with them, putting away my phone and work thoughts.

I also introduced a family game night, where we all play board games or cards together. My husband was initially hesitant, but soon got on board as he saw how happy it made our children.

As we continued to bond over these little routines, I noticed a change in our family dynamic. My children seemed more content, and our relationship grew stronger. I started to enjoy my time with them as well, and it helped me de-stress from work.

The power of bonding cannot be undermined. It has taught me that family time is essential for a healthy and happy life. Though my work schedule remains hectic, I now prioritize my family, making sure we create these memorable moments that will last a lifetime.