Ragtag Daily Prompt -Critter

The Mysterious Critter

Once there was a small town nestled at the edge of a dense forest. The town was peaceful until one day when the sightings of a mysterious critter started making rounds. The descriptions of the critter varied from person to person, but everyone agreed on one thing – that it was something they had never seen before.

Some said it was a furry creature that roamed around at night, while others claimed it was a flying beast that swooped down from the trees to snarl at them. The more superstitious folks began to fear that the critter was an omen of some looming disaster.

One day, a group of brave kids in the town decided to investigate the critter. They set out deep into the forest with their binoculars and bullhorns. Picking their way through the bushes and brambles, they suddenly heard a rustling sound.

The critter was in front of them! It was unlike anything they had ever seen before. It had the body of a deer, but its head resembled a rabbit. It had antlers and long ears that twitched as if it were listening to them. The kids were startled but amazed.

Without warning, the critter darted off in the opposite direction, leaving the kids overwhelmed and still in disbelief about their sighting of the mysterious creature. Always keeping in mind the unique features of the creature, they returned to town to tell their story.

The news about the mysterious critter quickly spread all over the town with even more people now venturing into the forest. Soon, the mystery was finally solved when a wildlife expert confirmed that the critter was a rare breed of deer that had fallen from a passing truck.

The town was relieved that the critter was not an ill omen and rejoiced in the discovery of the rare animal, celebrating with games and barbecues. As for the kids, they were hailed as heroes who had solved the mystery of the ‘mysterious critter’.

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