The Daily Spur-Plant

The Lonely Plant

Once upon a time, in a small garden, there was a proud and majestic plant named George. George was a marvelous specimen, with lush green leaves and a tall stem that stood straight up towards the heavens. But George was lonely. He had no one to talk to, no one to share his thoughts and fears with. His only companions were the chirping birds and buzzing bees that visited his flowers, but they were always too busy to stay and keep him company.

One day, George decided to take matters into his own hands. He decided to use his roots to explore the world beyond his little garden and find some friends of his own. As he dug deeper into the soil, he encountered all kinds of creatures he never knew existed: worms, beetles, and even tiny little snails.

At first, George was ecstatic. He had never talked to anyone besides the birds and bees, and now he had a whole new world to explore. But as the days passed, George grew tired and his leaves started to wilt. He realized that he had forgotten to take care of himself in his quest for friendship.

But just as George was about to give up, he felt a soft touch on his stem. It was a young girl, who had been walking in the garden and noticed the lonely plant. She watered him, pruned his leaves, and even talked to him, telling him all about her day and what had been on her mind.

From that day on, George was never lonely again. He had the girl, the birds, the bees, and the snails to keep him company. But he never forgot the lesson he had learned: that sometimes, the best way to find friends is to take care of yourself first.

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