The Unsuspecting Waiter

Andrew had been working at the upscale restaurant, La Rive, for a few months now. He was a waiter, and his job was to serve meals to the elite clientele who frequented the restaurant. Andrew had always been punctual and attentive to the needs of his customers, which is why he had been given more responsibilities such as welcoming the guests or managing the table reservations.

One day, while Andrew was working his shift, he noticed a handsome man seated at one of the tables. He was dressed in an expensive suit, and his demeanor exuded luxury and elegance. Andrew greeted him and handed over the menu. The man smiled and looked at Andrew with keen interest. “You seem like a nice youngster. Do you live around here?”

Andrew was taken aback by the man’s words. He paused, trying to comprehend what just happened. “Yes, I do,” he replied, still confused.

“Good, good,” the man said, nodding his head. “I have a business proposition for you.”

Andrew was intrigued. He had always wanted to start his own business one day, and he figured that the man could offer him an opportunity.

“What is it?” Andrew asked.

The man took out his phone and showed Andrew a website for a new restaurant. “I’m looking for someone to manage this place, and I see potential in you. Would you be interested?”

Andrew was thrilled at the opportunity and jumped at the chance. The man offered to meet him in person later to discuss in more detail. Andrew went back to work, his mind buzzing with excitement.

A few hours later, Andrew waited outside the restaurant for the man to arrive. Suddenly, he was confronted by a group of police officers. The man he met earlier was a con artist who had been caught by the police, and Andrew was lucky to not have been duped by him. From that moment on, Andrew learned to be more cautious in life, and he made sure never to let any opportunity cloud his judgement and his responsibilities as a waiter at La Rive.

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