The Goth in the Cafeteria

At first glance, she looked like any other high school student. But upon closer inspection, her dark clothing and pale complexion suggested otherwise. She was the goth in the cafeteria, the one who always sat alone at a shadowed corner table.

The other students whispered about her, wondering why she chose to dress so morbidly and why she refused to make friends. But they never bothered to approach her, preferring instead to make assumptions from afar.

One day, a new girl arrived at school. She was different from the others, too. Instead of conforming to popular fashion trends, she wore her hair in colorful braids and mismatched clothing. And when she saw the goth in the cafeteria, something in her stirred.

She decided to approach the goth, ignoring the whispers and stares. She sat down across from her and introduced herself. To her surprise, the goth smiled.

They started talking, and the new girl learned that the goth’s love of darkness stemmed from a fascination with the beauty of death. And she learned that the goth had always been lonely, feeling like no one understood her.

The two girls became fast friends. The goth started wearing a little more color, and the new girl started accessorizing with a few darker elements. They learned to appreciate each other’s unique quirks and passions.

The other students still whispered, but the two friends paid them no mind. They were too busy enjoying each other’s company and embracing their differences. And in doing so, they showed their classmates that real acceptance goes beyond surface-level appearances.

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