Ragtag Daily Prompt -Foggy

The Foggy City

The day started out like any other. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. But by lunchtime, a thick fog had rolled in, blanketing the city in a eerie silence.

For the rest of the day, people went about their business as usual, but with a sense of unease. No one knew what was causing the fog, or when it would clear.

By nightfall, the fog had become so thick that visibility was virtually nil. Cars had to use their headlights, and pedestrians could barely see a few feet in front of them.

The following day, the fog was still there. But now, people were starting to get scared. What if it never cleared? What if this was the new normal?

Anxiety was high, and tempers flared. It was a foggy, scary time for everyone.

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