Devoid of Love

Sophie sat in her bedroom staring out the window, her mind devoid of any hope for love. She had been in a few relationships in the past, but none of them had lasted long. “What’s wrong with me?” she thought. All of her friends were in happy relationships, yet she was devoid of any affection.

One day, as she was walking in the park, she met a man named Henry. They struck up a conversation, and she found him to be charming and kind. They started dating, and Sophie finally felt like she had found someone who understood her.

But after a few weeks, she noticed that Henry was always distant. He rarely called or texted and hardly ever showed her any affection. Sophie’s heart sank, and she knew that she had once again found herself in a relationship that was devoid of love.

Sophie was heartbroken, but she refused to settle for less than true love. She decided to focus on herself for a while and pursue her passions. She started volunteering at a local animal shelter and discovered a love for helping others. She also picked up painting, and found joy in expressing herself through art.

As time passed, Sophie started to realize that she didn’t need a romantic relationship to be happy. She had finally found love within herself and was no longer devoid of affection. She was content with the life she had created for herself and knew that true love would come when she least expected it.

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