The Decision to Make a Change

Lena had always been the type to follow the status quo. She went to a good school, got a secure job, and even started dating someone her family approved of. But as the years went on, she began to feel more and more like something was missing.

One night, Lena found herself unable to sleep. She tossed and turned, her mind racing with thoughts of the life she wanted versus the life she had. Finally, she decided to make a change.

The next morning, Lena handed in her resignation at work and started looking into new careers. She broke up with her boyfriend and started going on dates with people who actually excited her. She even began to pursue hobbies that had always intrigued her but that she’d never had the courage to try.

At first, the change was scary. Lena had always been someone who liked structure and routine, and now she was venturing into the unknown. But the thrill of doing things that truly made her happy outweighed the fear.

As Lena began to see the positive effects of her decisions, she wished she’d had the courage to make these changes earlier. She realized that sometimes, it’s necessary to shake things up and take control of your own life — even if it means straying from what is considered “normal.”

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