Word Of The Day Challenge-Artichoke

The Art of the Artichoke

In the garden they grow, amidst the greens and thorns, A peculiar vegetable, unique and vastly adorned, Too tough to start, but within, a treasure to be found, Layers upon layers, a delicacy quite profound.

Oh, the art of the artichoke, a treat for sure, It ebbs and it flows, like the tides on the shore, An acquired taste, some say, but oh, so divine, A culinary masterpiece, a dish to truly shine.

The leaves may be spiny, and the stem tough as bark, But within, a soft heart, waiting to leave a mark, Served with butter, or balsamic, or a dash of salt, The artichoke, oh, the artichoke, a gem to exalt.

So let us indulge, in the art of this plant, A wonder of nature, no need to rant, For its beauty and flavor, leave us in awe, The artichoke, oh, the artichoke, a joy to adore.

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