The Daily Spur-Huge

The Huge Pumpkin

The huge pumpkin was almost as big as the house. It had been growing in the pumpkin patch for months, and now it was finally ready to be carved.

The family gathered around the pumpkin, and the father started to carve. Suddenly, the pumpkin started to shake and grow even bigger. The family stepped back in amazement as the pumpkin turned into a huge, orange creature.

The huge creature laughed and said, “Thank you for carving me out of my pumpkin prison. I am the Pumpkin King, and I grant you one wish.”

The family thought for a moment, and then the mother said, “I wish for our pumpkin patch to be forever fruitful.” The Pumpkin King nodded and said, “Your wish is granted.” Then he turned back into a pumpkin and rolled away.

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