The Daily Spur-Houseplant

The houseplant

Once upon a time, there was a houseplant that was very loved and cared for. Every day, the houseplant’s owner would water it, give it sunlight, and talk to it. The houseplant was very happy and grew strong and healthy.

One day, the houseplant’s owner went on vacation and left the houseplant behind. The houseplant was very sad and missed its owner dearly. However, the houseplant’s owner had left it in good care with a friend. The friend water it and gave it sunlight, but the houseplant still missed its owner’s voice.

After a few weeks, the houseplant’s owner returned home. The houseplant was so happy to see its owner and they spent hours talking to each other. The houseplant was grateful to have been loved and cared for, and it enjoyed every moment spent with its owner.

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