Unchained Rant

In the depths of my soul, there lies a flame, A fervent fire that fuels my relentless claim, Within my spirit, a tempest does ignite, A burning passion that I cannot quite smite.

With words as my weapons, I stand upright, Ready to unleash my rant, with all my might, For the world’s injustices I cannot endure, Silence no longer, it’s time for my word-cure.

Rant, oh dear Rant, come forth from my lips, Drown out the noise, silence the ego trips, With every syllable, let truth be unveiled, No longer trapped, no longer curtailed.

Oh, sweet Rant, empower my voice to bloom, Against oppression, hatred, and all forms of gloom, Let my words slice through ignorance with grace, And awaken hearts to embrace a better space.

Rant, my dear Rant, set passion ablaze, Roar like a thunderstorm in the darkest of days, Let the world tremble beneath your mighty force, As integrity guides me on an unwavering course.

For in this world of chaos and despair, Rant serves as my solace, my breath of fresh air, With every syllable, injustice I confront, A liberating force, my Rant, a triumphant stunt.

So let me rant, let righteous anger prevail, For through these words, justice we shall unveil, And in the wind, may my message be heard, Rant, oh Rant, the healer of this broken world.

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