In the Shadows of the Triangle

In the deepest depths of our mirrored souls, Lies a tale untold, a mystery unfolds, Where secrets are buried, and darkness hides, In the realm of shadows where destiny abides.

A triangle formed by fate’s unyielding hand, Binding hearts together in a celestial band, Three souls connected, intertwined as one, Their journey begins, where it shall be done.

From the first corner emerges a love so pure, A flame that ignites, an eternal allure, With passion and tenderness, it lights up the skies, As two hearts entangle, their love starts to rise.

The second corner houses a friend, so dear, A confidant who wipes away every tear, Through laughter and tears, they thrive side by side, A bond unbreakable, in love’s tender stride.

And at the final corner, a secret does lay, A hidden desire that tempts, in stolen moments it play, A forbidden love that dances on a razor-thin line, An illicit triangle, where deceit intertwines.

Each corner holds a piece of a puzzle unsolved, A labyrinth of emotions, where mysteries revolve, In the shadows of the triangle, their destinies collide, Leaving hearts shattered, and love cast aside.

Yet, from this triangle, lessons are learned, To cherish true love, and not be easily burned, For within the depths of the darkest night, Hope shines on, and love will forever ignite.

So let us embrace the complexities of love’s triangle, Navigating through the mazes, the emotions that entangle, For it is in the shadows, where our hearts truly thrive, Guided by the sacred geometry, the triangle’s sacred drive.

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