September, with golden hues, A tranquil month, a welcomed muse. Leaves in shades of amber and red, Falling softly, where they are led.

The air grows crisp, a gentle breeze, Whispering secrets through the trees. Sunny days with a hint of fall, Nature’s beauty, enchanting all.

Harvest time, the fields abound, Bountiful crops upon the ground. Apples ripe, ready to be plucked, Delicious pies, our taste buds tucked.

Children with backpacks, off to school, New beginnings, a learning tool. September, a month of change, As seasons shift, the world rearrange.

Warm memories, summer in the past, But September’s beauty, destined to last. A transition to autumn, it may be, Yet September’s splendor, we get to see.

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