Beyond the Fur

In wilderness where secrets dance and dwell, Between the russet trees, a story to tell, A world unseen, concealed by nature’s grace, A realm of creatures, in fur they embrace.

Beneath dim moonlight, silver beams cascade, A symphony of whispers in hushed serenade, A mystic realm where tales are born and spun, Where furred beings under moon are one.

On snowy tufts, a jade-eyed lynx does prowl, Her graceful steps so quiet, silent as an owl, Elegant, she stalks her prey with stealth and might, Adorned in fur, nature’s mesmerizing sight.

Beside the rushing streams, a beaver crafts, A dam of strength with paws, thus deserving laughs, His fur, a shield against the icy water’s cold, A testament to his design, mighty and bold.

In Arctic forests where bitter winds do howl, An arctic fox prances, its fur a glowing fowl, Adapting to its land, so harsh and unforgiving, Its fur keeps it warm, resilient and living.

From the mighty jungle to the vast desert sand, An armor of fur worn by inhabitants so grand, In every nook and cranny of Earth’s grand design, Fur’s beauty and function intertwine.

So let us admire and appreciate this attire, A testament to the wild, untamed and dire, For within each strand of fur, lies tales untold, A celebration of nature’s wisdom, ever bold.

Beyond the fur, a world awaits our seeking eyes, Where secrets of the wild are eternally disguised, In every creature’s coat, a story interwove, A tapestry of life, furred beings bid us to love.

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