Eternal Echoes

In the vastness of time, echoes do appear, Silent whispers from a distant sphere, Resonating through the cosmic sea, A song of mystic harmony.

They resonate with all the hearts, A symphony that never departs, Across the realms, both far and near, Awakening souls, dispelling fear.

Through every tear and every smile, The echoes permeate, reconcile, Their rhythm pulsing through our veins, A testament to what still remains.

In moments when we feel alone, Their tender resonance is known, Guiding us in the darkest night, A celestial melody of light.

For within each soul, a song does reside, Waiting patiently, until allied, With the echoes of the universe grand, Creating a symphony that never disbands.

So let the echoes of eternity ring, Let their resonance in our hearts sing, With their ethereal tune, we find our fate, Forever connected, we resonate.

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