A Tale of Two Overcooked Meals

It was dinner time, and the meal was not going as planned. The roast was overcooked and dry, the potatoes were burnt, and the carrots were mushy. The family was not happy.

“This is terrible,” said the father. “I can’t believe you overcooked the roast again.”

“I’m sorry,” said the mother. “I’ll try to do better next time.”

“That’s not good enough,” said the father. “I’m not going to eat this.”

“Me either,” said the mother. “I’ll make something else.”

The mother went to the kitchen and started to make a new meal. The father went to his office and started to work. The children went to their room and played.

After a while, the mother called the family to the table. The new meal was ready.

“This looks great,” said the father. “I’m sorry I was so hard on you.”

“It’s okay,” said the mother. “I understand.”

The family sat down and enjoyed their meal.

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