The Daily Spur-Bar

The Lonely Bar

There was a small bar located on the outskirts of town, away from the bustling city life. It was an unremarkable place, with few customers and even fewer stories to tell. Despite its lack of grandeur, it was a place of notoriety among the locals, who whispered rumors of strange happenings and eerie incidents that occurred within its walls.

Many tried to avoid the bar, afraid of what they might encounter inside. Some even claimed that the bar was cursed, and that misfortune would befall anyone who dared to enter. But for one young man, the bar became a refuge from the chaos of his life.

His name was Tony, and he had recently gone through a rough patch in his personal life. His girlfriend had broken up with him, his job was on the line, and he was struggling to find a sense of purpose. One night, while walking home from the train station, he stumbled upon the bar.

Tony was hesitant at first, but something about the quiet, darkened interior called to him. He stepped inside and ordered a drink, settling into one of the empty booths. For the first time in weeks, he felt at ease.

Over the following weeks and months, Tony returned to the bar frequently. He found solace in the lack of conversation, the dim lighting, and the sound of glasses clinking together. He started to sense that there was something special about the bar, something that he couldn’t quite put his finger on.

One evening, he struck up a conversation with the bartender, a gruff but kind-hearted man named George. George had been running the bar for decades, and had seen his fair share of patrons come and go. Tony asked him about the bar’s history, and George obliged, regaling him with tales of wild parties, secret deals, and even a few ghost sightings.

Tony listened in rapt attention, feeling more connected to the bar than ever before. As he walked home that night, he knew that he had found a place where he belonged. The lonely bar may not have been glamorous or exciting, but it had become a home to him, a place where he could truly be himself.


The Unbelievable Rendition of the Classic Song

It was a chilly winter evening and the annual music festival was in full swing. The brightest and most talented artists from across the country had gathered to showcase their music and entertain the audience.

As the night progressed, the sound of clapping hands and cheers echoed through the air. People were enjoying the music to the fullest and the atmosphere was electric.

Suddenly, the stage went quiet. The spotlight fell on a woman sitting in the corner with a guitar in her hand. She seemed nervous as she slowly picked at the strings, looking out at the expectant audience.

After a few moments of silence, she began to play a familiar tune. It was the classic song “Yesterday” by the Beatles. But something was different. The notes were stretched out, the key was shifted, and the melody was altered in a way that made the audience feel like they were hearing the song for the first time.

The rendition was so unorthodox that the people were stunned. They couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the way the artist had transformed the old classic into something entirely new.

As the artist hit the final notes of the song, the applause was deafening. The crowd erupted into a frenzy, showering her with adoration and appreciation.

The woman looked up from her guitar, overwhelmed with emotion. She had taken an old song and given it a new life, in her own unique rendition that had won over everyone’s hearts.

From that night on, the artist became known for her breathtaking renditions of classic songs. She gave hope to every musician who wanted to put their own spin on something old and still achieve greatness.


The goad is an instrument of torture and death, and yet it is also a thing of beauty. Its long, sharp blade is set in a intricate hilt, and its handle is carved with the faces of demons. It is said that to look upon the goad is to see the face of death itself.

The goad is used by the priests of the Temple of Death, to torture and kill those who have been sentenced to death. The victim is tied to a post, and the goad is thrust into their flesh, over and over again, until they die.

The goad is a thing of terror and pain, and yet it is also a thing of great power. It is said that the goad can open the door to the afterlife, and that those who die by its blade will be reborn in the next life.

Simon’s Journey for Water

It was a hot day and Simon was thirsty. He had been walking for hours and his water was long gone. He saw a sign for a restaurant up ahead and quickened his pace, hoping to get there before they closed.

As he got closer, he could see that the restaurant was closed, but there was a man sitting outside in the shade. Simon approached him and asked if he knew where he could get some water.

The man told him that there was a water fountain a few blocks down the street. Simon thanked him and began to walk away, but the man called out to him, telling him to wait.

The man reached into his pocket and pulled out a small canteen. He handed it to Simon and told him to drink up. Simon was so thirsty that he didn’t even bother to thank the man, he just unscrewed the cap and downed the whole thing in one go.

The man smiled and told Simon to have a safe journey. Simon nodded and set off down the street, feeling much better now that he had some water.

The Turmoil of Loss

The death of her beloved grandfather was the beginning of the turmoil that would consume Alice’s life. She had always been close to her grandfather, and losing him felt like she had lost a part of herself. The grief was unbearable, and she struggled to cope with the depth of her sadness.

As days turned into weeks, the pain did not ease; it only intensified. Alice found herself retreating from the world, losing interest in everything she once loved. She started skipping classes, ignoring calls from her friends and family, and spending days holed up in her room.

The turmoil of grief was too much for Alice to bear alone. She sought therapy, but it did little to ease her pain. It wasn’t until she met a group of people at a grief support group that she began to feel a glimmer of hope.

They shared their stories of loss and offered support and kindness to one another. Alice found solace in their shared experiences and slowly started to rebuild her life. In time, she began to open herself up to new experiences, accepting invitations to social events and finding joy in simple pleasures again.

Alice’s journey through grief was long and arduous, but the turmoil eventually subsided. She still thought of her grandfather often and missed him terribly, but she had learned to live with the loss and celebrate the memories they shared.

Describe one simple thing you do that brings joy to your life.

Daily writing prompt
Describe one simple thing you do that brings joy to your life.

One simple thing that brings joy to my life is spending time with my family. We often go on outings together or just spend time talking and laughing at home. This time is valuable to me because it reminds me of the strong bonds we share and the happiness that comes from being together.

Ragtag Daily Prompt -Hills

Rolling Hills

Rolling hills stretch far and wide,
A peaceful scene where nature abides.
Green and lush, they provide,
A place to escape and just reside.

The wind blows gently atop each mound,
Whispering secrets without a sound.
The beauty of these hills astounds,
A paradise on earth that astounds.

So let’s explore and wander free,
The rolling hills and all that we see.
In this blissful place, we’ll forever be,
Living life in harmony, and feeling oh so free.


The Unwelcome Guest – A Tale of Parasites

The Peterson family had just moved into their new home. Brian, his wife, and their two kids, were excited to finally own a home after years of renting. However, their joy was soon short-lived when they discovered a peculiar problem.

One night, after a long day of unpacking, Brian noticed a small red bump on his wife’s leg. He showed it to her, and she shrugged it off, thinking it was just a bite from a mosquito. But the next morning, the bump had grown bigger and was now accompanied by a few more. They got worried. They suspected bed bugs.

Brian called an exterminator, who inspected the house and didn’t find any bed bugs. But instead, he found something else – a type of parasitic worm. It was a type of worm that feeds on the skin’s blood, leaving small bumps and rashes that get bigger and itchy over time.

The family was horrified and disgusted. They couldn’t believe something like that had infected their new home. The exterminator explained that these pesky parasites could be brought into the house by pets, through infected soil, or even by simply walking barefoot outside.

It took a lot of effort and patience to get rid of the unwelcome guests. The family had to fumigate the house, change the bedding and the clothes, and avoid walking barefoot outside. After several weeks of hard work, the parasites were finally gone, and the Peterson family could finally start enjoying their new home.

Now, whenever Brian sees a bug or a worm, he gets paranoid that another parasite has entered the house. Nonetheless, he’s grateful that they were able to get rid of them and continue their life without any more unwelcome guests.

The Big Lie

Once upon a time there was a man named John who lived in a small town. John was known around town for being a very honest person. However, one day that all changed.

John’s friend, Dave, had recently started a business selling homemade soaps. Dave had asked John to try his soaps and provide honest feedback. John tried them and thought they were terrible. He couldn’t bear to tell his friend the truth and hurt his feelings, so instead he told Dave that the soaps were the best he had ever used.

Dave was thrilled and started advertising that his soaps had been given the stamp of approval by John. Before long, everyone in town was buying Dave’s soaps and telling him how amazing they were. Dave’s business was booming!

John felt terrible that he had lied to Dave, but he wasn’t sure what to do. He didn’t want to ruin his friend’s business. Things continued on like this for a while, until one day John couldn’t take it anymore. He had to come clean.

He pulled Dave aside and told him the truth. Dave was devastated. He had put all his savings into this business and now he had a bunch of unhappy customers. Dave decided to shut down his business because he couldn’t handle the disappointment.

John felt terrible for what he had done, but he learned a valuable lesson. He realized that lying, even if it’s to spare someone’s feelings, can have serious consequences. It’s always better to be honest, even if it’s difficult.