Manic Monday Kicks


Ruin me with love,

Inform me regarding your most distinctive dreams.

Your affection resembles contamination,

I would prefer not to mend please grab hold of me.

The butterflies that used to lie in my midriff,

They transformed into sharp little kicks.

I can’t state that on the off chance that I picked I’d do it once more,

Be that as it may, envisioning it some other way makes me wiped out.




Penguin Prompt Love

My Heart Skip A Beat


You can make my heart skip a beat

in a thousand distinctive ways

What’s more, I swear in some cases I can’t relax

when you glance toward me

I don’t recognize what it is about you

Yet, there’s something to you

that I require, so profoundly

furthermore, I generally need you with me

You can make my heart skip a beat

through any sort of day

What’s more, I swear I never feel an ounce of misery

you simply wash it all way

I don’t comprehend what is that you have

you’re holding it over me

what’s more, I’ve never felt this free

I’ve never felt so invigorated or upbeat

You fill my heart with affection

what’s more, I have so much love

to provide for just you

our entire lives through

Thursday Photo Prompt-Bridge writephoto



The Bridge Monster

John is driving across the bridge.There is a big monster that comes across the bridge. John tries to drive away but the monster grabs him. The monster has taken over the bridge. If anyone crosses the bridge they will get eaten by the monster.One person does escape from the monster, it is a man that is 25 years old. He rushes off the bridge and heads to the police station.

Once the man gets to the police station, there is the monster right behind him. He rushes into the station and tells the police that there is a monster outside. The police gather all their weapons and go outside. They start shooting the monster. One police officer takes a grenade and throw it at the monster. The monster blows up . Everyone one is safe now. Registered & Protected EHTX-NL8J-XDCT-1WAY